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The Workbench Folder

Several RapidHardware test designs are defined in the .\Workbench\TestComponents\ folder.

They are called by Workbench.cs class.

The intention of the Workbench class is to run unit tests that will verify the function of Rapid HDL. This feature is not completed, but it can be used to run individual tests.

To use a test bench, instantiate it in the BuildRapidHardware() method of Workbench.cs.

To launch the workbench project, add the \RHDLWorkbench\ project to the solution and set it as the start-up project.

Test Projects as Tutorial Projects

The designs in the TestComponents folder might be helpful to the reader, because they demonstrate various components available in the Rapid HDL library, including..
  • TestCounter - Simple Design
  • TestRAM - Simple RAM synthesized in the FPGA
  • TestPipeline - Pipeline Stages connected together
  • TestPipelineAssemblyBuffer - Assembling packets from a serial buffer
  • TestPipelineBuffer - Buffering data in a pipeline
  • TestPipelineSorter - Routing packets in a pipeline based on bit values
  • TestFIFOInterface - Data FIFO connection to software
  • TestPCIO - Data communication between software and hardware
  • TestPCSDRAM - connect PC FIFO connection to SDRAM controller
  • TestALU - Arithmetic logic unit
  • TestMicroCore - MicroCore used to control microprocessor

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