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Demo Application

Several example projects are located in the Demo Folder.

Here, we will be working with the "SampleCounter" project.

The SampleCounter project contains 4 files:
  • FMain.cs - This is a windows form that will be the software front end to interact with the hardware.
  • TopLevelHardware.cs - We define the hardware in this file. This class is derived from the RapidHardware class.
  • HardwareSoftwareInterface.cs - This file handles the interaction between our software and the hardware.
  • Program.cs - This file just launches the main form.

Referencing the Rapid HDL library

The project must reference the RapidHDL library. You can reference the compiled DLL, or you can add the RapidHDL project source code to your solution and reference the RapidHDL project.

Using Rapid HDL on Linix

You can use RapidHDL on linux. All features except one should work just fine. In fact, we use Ubuntu as our Xilinx build server. At this time, our driver for the Pico E-12 FPGA card only work on windows. So, while you can generate the Verilog and simulate on linux, you will not be able to connect directly to the FGPA.

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